Pedi-Peel Professional is the salon only treatment that is designed to remove the hard callused skin that has developed on the heels or balls of your clients’ feet. It can be applied on dry feet prior to a pedicure OR can be applied after the soaking phase of a pedicure and can be done at two-week intervals. Hard skin on the heels of the feet is softened by Pedi-Peel which facilitates easy removal by scraping and buffing. The result is cleaner and softer skin on the feet.

6 Reasons To Try Pedi-Peel Professional

  • Pedi-Peel Professional takes the hard work out of rasping for your therapists = happy therapists
  • Pedi-Peel Professional guarantees to give your clients instant results each and every time.
  • Pedi-Peel Professional can be included into services that you already offer without taking any extra time.
  • Pedi-Peel Professional takes only 10minutes and costs you under $4 per treatment
  • Most salons are charging between $25-$35 as an add on treatment or $45-$60 as it's own Pedi-Peel Pedicure.
  • Pedi-Peel comes in either a liquid or a gel depending on what suits your therapists and clientele best.
PediPeel Professional Starter Kit

PediPeel Professional Starter Kit


2 x PediPeel Professional
50 x PediPeel Scrapers
2 x Treat Your Feet Cream


Incredible Before and After Pictures from just 1 Pedi-Peel Professional Treatment

Pedi-Peel Original Liquid vs Pedi-Peel Extra Strength Gel

Pedi Peel Original Liquid

  • Apply with gauze soaked in the liquid formula
  • Original formulation, tried, tested and loved by thousands of clients
  • Easy to use and allows for a longer processing time for extra tough calluses.

Pedi Peel Extra Strength Gel

  • Thicker gel formulation allows direct application onto the callused skin.
  • Fast processing time. Only leave on for 3-5 minutes
  • Extra strength - apply only to callused skin.

See just how simple and easy it is to get amazing results with Pedi-Peel Professional