Incredible Before & After pictures from just 1 Pedi-Peel Professional treatment.

Pedi-Peel Professional was designed by a salon owner (Tegan Italiano...and several cosmetic chemists) for salons owners. We understand that as a salon owner you don't have time to waste on products that don't deliver barely have time for a lunch break.

We are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Pedi-Peel was born after our founder-Tegan- was unhappy with how long it would take to give clients soft smooth feet during a pedicure. Tegan felt that her therapists wanted to give the best results and her clients wanted to enjoy the relaxing was hard to achieve both. So Tegan set out to create something unique for salon owners that struggle with the same thing, 18 months later Pedi-Peel Professional was born - the instant callus remover. We are proud to say Pedi-Peel Professional is now used by thousands of salons all over the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Pedi-Peel Professional is the salon only treatment that is designed to instantly remove the hard callused skin that has developed on the heels or balls of your clients’ feet. It can be applied on dry feet prior to a pedicure OR can be applied after the soaking phase of a pedicure and can be done at two-week intervals.

Hard skin on the heels of the feet is softened by Pedi-Peel which facilitates easy removal by scraping and buffing. The result is instantly softer smoother feet.

Pedi Peel Salon Small Starter Kit

Pedi Peel Salon Small Starter Kit

Sold out$72.00

Are you interested in offering Pedi Peel in your salon?

Start with our Pedi Peel Salon Small Starter Kit. 

- 1 x Pedi Peel Professional Original Liquid Formula

- 1 x Treat Your Feet Foot Care Cream

- 1 x Disposable Pedicure Kit

'I love love love the Foot Peel and Pedi-Peel Professional products. It gives me the professional results i expect every time. My clients love it. Including the husbands of my clients. They end up so impressed with the results they ask me when they are allowed to come back for another one. Re-booking is a dream"

Alissa Walsh

Alissa Kate Skin Body Beauty Hair - Victoria Australia

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6 Reasons Your Salon Needs To Introduce Pedi-Peel Professional

  • Cut down the rasping (or blading) time in your pedicures. Let your clients experience the full pampering of a pedicure instead of taking half of the treatment time with rasping.
  • 100% Guaranteed instant results every time.
  • Increase your turn over. Pedi-Peel Professional can be included into services that you already offer without taking any extra time.
  • Pedi-Peel Professional takes only 10minutes and costs you under $4 per treatment
  • Most salons are charging between $25-$35 as an add on treatment or $45-$60 as it's own Pedi-Peel Pedicure.
  • Pedi-Peel professional was designed by a salon owner for salon owners. We understand that you are after products that actually work and that is why we guarantee it.

See just how simple and easy it is to get amazing results with Pedi-Peel Professional